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Barrass Creative

Affordable Video Production

Corporate Video – Promotional Film – Event Video – Social Video Marketing

Grow your business with the right video content. I listen to your story, and work with you to develop that into a great video marketing tool.

There are a great many reasons why a video would benefit your business, but by far the most important one is engagement. Everyone consumes information differently, and a tailored corporate, event or promo video will engage your target demographic both visually and audibly. Whether your aim is to increase sales, launch a new product or service or train employees, the goal is always to educate and inform.

 The vast majority of people find it easier and more enjoyable to engage through video than any other method.

Which leads on to the second great reason for a video – it’s really easy to share!

Whether you are looking to increase brand awareness, change your company image, or tell people about a major new event you are holding, sharing a video on your website and social media is quick and easy. In a world where the majority of media consumption happens on social networks it’s a real benefit to be able to tap into that potential customer base in an engaging way.

Also, because Google loves video, videos can help your SEO and therefore reach more people. You only have to look at most search results these days to see the way the Google search algorithm is leaning, and of course it’s no real surprise all those videos are at the top of searches, seeing as they own YouTube. Fortunately it’s easy to take advantage of this with a well key-worded promo, corporate or event video, especially in a niche where your competitors are yet to catch on.

As a small business we keep our overheads low which means we are confident that our quote will be competitive and affordable, we also ensure that you never pay a penny more than we agree at the start of the project.

"I sent the link of the film around to our Directors and they absolutely love it! 

Thank you so much for all you have done on this, you have done an amazing job".

Debbie Watson, Marketing Manager, Caddick Construction

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