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Vox Box Pro

Excited to announce another new addition to my equipment arsenal - the VoxBox Pro. A new take on the Interrotron devised by the legendary Erroll Morris, It allows film makers to shoot down-the-lens interviews whilst maintaining eye contact between the interviewer and the subject.

Sitting someone in front of a camera isn't exactly a natural state for a relaxed conversation, especially if they are already nervous and people who are inexperienced at giving on-camera interviews can find it distracting, their eyes darting from the interviewer to the large, black, lens glaring at them in their periphery.

The VoxBox Pro helps relax the person sat in front of the camera and allows them to tell powerful stories and give more credible natural interviews. Ideal for video testimonials, corporate presentations and documentary filming. Available to hire as part of a comprehensive Sony FS7 filming package for an additional £75

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