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Chocaholics Dream

Early start this morning for BBC Breakfast and Network BBC 1 o'clock News at the Nestle Research and Development centre in York.

Milkybars are about to become a fair bit healthier. Nestlé, the firm behind the popular confectionery, announced that it is launching a version of the bar which contains 30 per cent less sugar.

Milkybar Wowsomes, which are due to hit shelves across the UK and Ireland over the coming weeks, are made with a sugar substitute

which Nestlé developed in 2016. The company said that it had changed the structure of sugar using only natural ingredients, creating an “aerated, porous sugar that dissolves more quickly in the mouth”.

This, the company explained, “allows someone to perceive the same sweetness as before while consuming less sugar”. It said that it also intends to apply the new sugar technology to other chocolate brands, specifically those targeted at children.

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